About us


Metrika Consulting is the official Stata distributor for Russia and the Nordic and Baltic countries, i.e., Denmark, Norway, Finland, Sweden, Iceland, Russia, Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania. Founded in 1990, Metrika Consulting was the first distributor of Stata outside of the United States and we continue to be one of the leading Stata distributors in the world. We offer the lowest possible prices and our goal is to provide our customers with a first-class service and to deliver Stata and related products in a timely and economical fashion. 

The staff at Metrika are experienced Stata users. Many of us have an extensive background in statistically oriented research and several of us have master and doctoral degrees from leading research universities. For example, Peter Hedström, the founder of Metrika, is a Harvard PhD and a Professor of Sociology who has been teaching courses on Stata and data analysis at several leading universities in the world such as the University of Chicago and the University of Oxford. Rebeca Ibarra, our Executive Director, has a background in Economics from CIDE in Mexico City and has a doctorate in sociology from Oxford University. Since we know what research and data analysis is all about, we can provide our customers with the help and advice they need.

In addition to Stata sales, we organize Stata conferences and Stata courses, and we are a research-oriented consulting company with expertise in data analysis.


Metrika Consulting AB
Birger Jarlsgatan 2, 5th floor
114 34 Stockholm


Organization number: 556717-7729