Stata Resources


Here we post links to web pages that contain particulalry useful Stata-related information. Please let us know if there are other pages that you think should be included.

UCLA's Stata pages contain a wealth of useful information for both the beginner and the advanced user of Stata.

Stata's own visual overview of graphs also is very useful.

The SSC Archive at Boston College provides a huge collection of user-written Stata programs for data management, statistics, and graphics, all of them dowloadable from within Stata.

Statalist is a Forum with many participants. By signing up to Statalist you can benefit from the very active and supportive Stata community.

Princeton's step-by-step introduction to Stata provides an excellent introduction if you are new to Stata.

University of Wisconsin's computer support pages have developed into a rich Stata resourse with lots of valuable information for beginners as well as advanced users.

Two books on Stata have been published in Scandinavian languages:

- Kim Mannemar Sønderskov's book (in Danish) Stata: En praktisk introduktion contains a lot of useful information for beginners as well as for more experienced Stata users.

- Tor Midtbø's book (in Norwegian) Stata: En entusiastisk innføring also is a very good book, but more exclusively geared towards the less experienced Stata user than Sønderskov's book.