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If you would like training in Stata, we highly recommend taking a Stata NetCourse.
NetCourses are convenient web-based courses for learning Stata. They are given by StataCorp and they teach you how to exploit the full power of Stata.
You can enroll and pay for NetCourses through us.


Why should you enroll? 

- NetCourses teach you how to exploit the full power of Stata.

- NetCourses are inexpensive.

- NetCourses let you fit the course into your schedule, not the other way around.

- NetCourses exist for Stata users of all experience levels, from beginning to advanced.


The following NetCourses are offered:

NetCourse 101 Introduction to Stata. An introductory 6-week course that teaches how to use Stata interactively.

NetCourse 120 Statistical Graphics Using Stata. An introductory 6-week course that teaches how to communicate your data with Stata's powerful graphics features. This course introduces different kinds of graphs and demonstrate how to use them for exploratory data analysis.

NetCourse 151  Introduction to Stata Programming. An introductory 6-week course that teaches Stata data-analysis programming to those who have a basic knowledge of using Stata interactively.

NetCourse 251 Writing Your Own Stata Commands. An advanced 7-week course that teaches how to create commands that act just like the commands that ship with Stata.

NetCourse 461 Univariate Time Series with Stata. A 7-week course that teaches how to handle date and date-time data; time-series operators; time-series graphics, basic forecasting methods; ARIMA, ARMAX, and seasonal models.

NetCourse 631, Introduction to Survival Analysis Using Stata. This 7-week course teaches you how to effectively analyze survival data using Stata.

NetCourse 471, Introduction to Panel Data Using Stata. With this 6 -week course users will learn to analyze and implement linear, nonlinear, and dynamic panel-data estimators using Stata.

NetCourse Now. Would you prefer to choose the time and set the pace of a NetCourse? Would you like to have a personal NetCourse instructor? Then NetCourseNow is the course for you. 


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