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Upgrade Stata 17 (or earlier)

Upgrade Stata 17 (or earlier)


Why upgrade?

Stata 18 has numerous new and interesting features. Click here for further information. 


We have now migrated from our regular Upgrade product to Upgrade+ which implies an upgrade + maintenance, because one year of maintenance is now automatically included in the upgrade price. Perpetual licenses with maintenance offer the security of a license which never expires.


Which Stata is right for me?


Stata/MP: The fastest edition of Stata (for quad-core, dual-core, and multicore/multiprocessor computers) that can analyze the largest datasets

Stata/SE: Standard edition; for larger datasets

Stata/BE: Basic edition; for mid-sized datasets


For more information, please follow one of these links:



Detailed feature description

Most computers purchased since mid 2006 can take advantage of the advanced multiprocessing of Stata/MP. This includes the Intel CoreTM 2 Duo, i3, i5, i7, and the AMD X2 dual-core chips. On dual-core chips, Stata/MP runs 40% faster overall and 72% faster where it matters, on the time-consuming estimation commands.  With more than two cores or processors, Stata/MP is even faster. Stata/SE, and Stata/BE differ only in the dataset size that each can analyze.

Stata/SE and Stata/MP can fit models with more independent variables than Stata/BE (up to 10,998).

Stata/BE allows datasets with as many as 2,047 variables. The number of observations is limited only by the amount of RAM in your computer. Stata/BE can have at most 798 right-hand-side variables in a model.

All the above editions have the same complete set of commands and features and include PDF documentation. 



Compare features
PackageMax. Var.Max. Ind. Var.Max. Obs.

64-bit vers. Available?

Parallel processing?Platforms
Stata MP 32,767 10,998 unlimited* Yes Yes Win Mac (64-bit Intel), Unix
Stata SE 32,767 10,998 unlimited* Yes No Win, Mac, Unix
Stata BE 2,047 798 unlimited* Yes No Win, Mac, Unix
*The maximum number of observations is limited only by the amount of available RAM on your system  ×


Multicore performance

MP licenses can be used on both 32 and 64 bit computers, but they only go faster if your computer has at least the same number of processors as your license, i.e., MP2 will work more efficiently than a SE only if the computer has at least 2 processors. As you can see from the following graph, MP-licenses are considerably faster than SE-licenses.

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