Introducing StataNow™


What is StataNow?

StataNow is Stata, but it is a continuous-release version of Stata that offers new features as soon as they are ready at no additional cost.

Before StataNow, most new features became available only at the time of a major release such as Stata 17, Stata 18, and so on. StataNow provides access to new features sooner. For instance, StataNow currently contains features that will also be part of a future major release, Stata 19.


StataNow Features

The features in StataNow are fully tested, fully certified, well documented, version controlled (if needed), as well as polished to our customary high quality. As always, all versions of Stata are updated regularly with any corrections and necessary improvements. 

Currently StataNow includes the follwoing new features:
High-dimensional fixed effects (HDFE)
Bayesian quantile regression
Meta-analysis for correlations
Inference robust to weak instruments
SVAR models via instrumental variables
Bayesian asymmetric Laplace model
Do-file Editor: Code folding & autocompletion
Colors by variable in more graphs
And more

Click here to view the list of the latest StataNow features.

Because StataNow is Stata, it is available in all editions (StataNow/MP, StataNow/SE, and StataNow/BE) and on all supported platforms (Windows, Mac, and Linux).


How can I get StataNow?
All annual license holders have access to StataNow, regardless of whether you have an annual license or multiyear license or whether your institution has a site license. You can access the latest StataNow features by simply typing update all in the Command window or asking your system administrator to update your Stata. Existing Stata 18 users may need to type update all twice. The first update will give you a Stata that knows how to update itself to StataNow. The second update will be StataNow. Then type help whatsnew to see the list of all features.

Order StataNow
If you have maintenance for your license, please contact us at to obtain new download and license information for StataNow.
If you have a perpetual license without maintenance or your maintenance or license has expired, contact us at for your options.


How do I know if I already have StataNow?
When you start Stata, you will see StataNow on the splash screen. You can also type about and you will see StataNow on the first line.