Site Licenses: A Guide


Large organizations need flexibility. They need to allow researchers easy access to Stata, both on and off the network; to be able to handle increasing numbers of Stata users; and to be able to anticipate their annual budget as the demand for Stata changes. Stata's site licensing model provides that flexibility.


Basics of a site license

A site license covers a “site” of users. This can be a campus or a university system. It is an annual multi-user license, but it does not require the number of users to be monitored throughout the year.

We typically deploy Stata/SE or Stata/MP2 for site licenses. Licenses can be made available to just faculty and staff, or to faculty, staff, and students. One of the factors in determining the price is the Full Time Equivalent (FTE) population. We will need the FTEs for faculty and staff as well as graduate and undergraduate students to determine the accurate pricing.



Administering Stata is simple with a site license. It is a single annual purchase rather than multiple purchases throughout the year, and the site will automatically receive any product upgrade once released. Site licenses also give you the option to include usage on personal machines. The shared license allows researchers to work seamlessly with one another. In addition, administrators do not have to monitor usage throughout the year — all we require is an annual renewal conversation to determine the FTE population of the site. With a site license, you have the option to purchase multiple years upfront at a discount.

While site licenses are almost exclusively Stata/SE or Stata/MP2, we will consider discounts for additional materials and can roll in specialized power users for licenses greater than Stata/MP2.


Are you a potential site license customer?

Site license customers want to accomplish a number of goals, including easier license maintenance, lower costs, license consolidation, and increased use of Stata with fewer operational issues. These customers include

1. Users who want to make an organization-wide switch to Stata

2. An institution with a steadily increasing number of purchases or large networks

3. An institution that uses Stata across multiple departments

4. GradPlan institutions


Why buy a site license?

Stata site licenses have many benefits.

• Easiest administrative route.

• Administrators have a single serial number to maintain.

• Administrators are not required to monitor usage throughout the year. Rather, we require a single annual renewal conversation to confirm the university FTE population.

• Reliability.

• Site licenses enable researchers within and across departments to work seamlessly with one another.

• Site licenses ensure the researchers always have the most up-to-date version of Stata.

• Cost-effective.

• Site licenses offer the most affordable way for organizations to provide Stata access to every user.

• Site licenses allow organizations to plan and budget for licensing.

• A Stata site license may enable organizations to displace similar software packages.

• Flexible.

• Site licenses can be made available to just faculty and staff, or they can include students, as well. They can be made available on-campus only, or they can include “home” use. Logging in remotely is still considered “on-campus”.

• Site licenses can include specialized licenses to accommodate organization “power users”. These licenses typically include a set number of users for flavors greater than Stata/MP2.

• Site licenses can offer special consideration to individuals who still want to purchase their own license.


If you want to request a site-license quote, please contact us at or send the form here.